Crave iPhone App

The Crave app allows everyone to indulge, discover and share their love of delicious food while connecting with their favourite eateries to receive special offers and discounts.

UX Design  |  UI Design  |  Creative Direction


Finding the perfect restaurant and deciding what to eat can be a difficult task but the Crave app aims to simplify those choices. Crave is a location based service that helps you find & explore delicious dishes from nearby restaurants.

Just set your location, dietry preferences, price range and Crave will find you the tastiest and most popular dishes closest to you. You can also share your reviews about the drinks, dishes & restaurants you discover on Crave with other users.

Find and follow your favourite restaurants and cafes on Crave to receive special VIP offers, deals and discounts on food and drinks and connect with your favourite restaurants & cafes to offer direct feedback.