Enhancing value for Australian Unity members with new digital tools.

Australian Unity is Australia’s first member-owned wellbeing company, offering our members and customers health, wealth and care services. Utilising research and customer insights, I led the design of a new suite of digital services including a mobile app aimed at enhancing the wellbeing for Australian Unity members. Using gamification and rewards for completing activities and challenges, the app allows people of all ages and demographics to improve their wellbeing and have fun in the process.

A digital tool to explore all aspects of your wellbeing that’s backed by science and research.

Members can log their achievements and view progress on an interactive dashboard in the app that tracks improvements to their wellbeing over time. In conjunction with user researchers and detailed customer data, it allowed our team to prototype, test and design a user-centric mobile app.

The app measures a Member’s wellbeing using 7 key criteria that are backed by science and research through a partnership with Deakin University who work with Australian Unity to conduct the annual Wellbeing Index Survey.

How did we make the topic of improving your wellbeing relevant to all demographics?


Talking to research participants about their health and wellbeing.


Using design sprints and workshops to explore ideas and concepts.


Prototyping user flows and interface ideas through sketches and wireframes.

User testing

Testing prototypes with real customers to validate our ideas and thinking.

Encouraging users to measure and improve their wellbeing.

The mobile app encourages users to understand that wellbeing is more than just your physical health. It’s your standard of living and feeling safe in your home. It’s your personal relationships and being connected to your community. It’s about what you want to achieve in life, while having the security to get out and do what makes you happy. Put simply, wellbeing is your overall quality of life and how satisfied you are with your life as a whole.

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