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Redefining the future of digital finance with CoinJar. Making it the simplest way to buy, sell and spend crypto.

CoinJar is Australia’s longest-running digital currency platform and since 2013, they’ve made cryptocurrency accessible to hundreds of thousands of people where they provide customers with the simplest way to buy, sell and spend cryptocurrency. Working as a Product Design Lead creating next-gen Fintech products on the blockchain, I helped CoinJar create a new digital platform including redesigning their mobile app to redefine the future of digital finance that is secure and private.

CoinJar connects every customer to cryptocurrency from all around the world at the intersection of technology and finance. On any device, anywhere at any time.

Breaking down the barriers to accessing cryptocurrency was a major goal for the project including the redesign of the CoinJar mobile app. Working alongside software engineers, growth experts and company co-founders, our focus was to simplify the end-to-end experience when transacting with cryptocurrency.

Through research, user testing sessions and design workshops, we were able to redefine customers’ perception of what cryptocurrency is and to allow them to access it in the easiest way possible which was achieved by simplifying the key features and user experience of the new mobile app.

Understanding customers' wants, needs and pain-points was at the core of everything we designed for the new CoinJar platform.

LukeUser Testing Participant

It seems like a really accessible, easy app to use so far. It kinda resembles my banking app on my phone but with crypto added. Transacting also feels really easy too which is great.

ErinUser Testing Participant

It’s a new way of thinking about using cryptocurrency. I think this app is making crypto a much less bizarre concept to people which is really awesome. Can't wait to use it when it's launched!

MichaelUser Testing Participant

As much as I like investing, I’m not the most tech savvy guy. I want something I understand that’s secure, reliable and easy to use. This app definitely seems to help make things clearer.

FrancisUser Testing Participant

I want my crypto buying experience to be really simple. Every other platform I've used to buy and sell has always been overly complex and confusing but I love how this new platform seems to simplify things for me.

AngelaUser Testing Participant

Love how this new app is making the crypto experience much easier to understand for newbies like myself. Crytpo always confused me but this app demystified much of it for me.

This new platform consisted of the redevelopment of every aspect of the CoinJar product ecosystem along with a suite of digital products including a responsive web application. The redesigned platform acts primarily as a digital wallet to store, buy and sell cryptocurrencies but also has a range of other features including trading tools, charts and educational material to simplify the buying experience.

One of the major goals for the project was to increase organic traffic to the new website for the launch of the mobile app. We A/B tested a redesigned sign-up flow that we tweaked through several rounds of design iterations and testing which increased signup conversions by 46%. The new homepage also decreased the bounce rate by 29% which had a positive flow-on effect to other areas of the site.

Our design approach was straightforward: a single-column layout for mobile and a three-column layout for the desktop web app, with dynamic sizing managed by our React components. This strategy, inspired by Apple’s design framework for their iPhone and iPad apps, enabled us to reuse components, views, and flows, adjusting the navigation hierarchy as needed which translated to huge improvements for the user.

The new CoinJar iPhone app rating saw a huge improvement from 1.4 to 4.7 (out of five) within the first few weeks of launch. With similar improvements across Android and web. The CoinJar iPhone now app holds a consistent place in the top 100 Finance app on the App Store — a major achievement that has significantly increased growth and ultimately the bottom line for CoinJar as a business in a highly competitive landscape.

Our sights are set on building value for customers in the crypto industry by producing the best products.

Asher TanCoinJar CEO / Co-Founder

Putting cryptocurrency in the hands of customers all around the world. Lets make crypto accessible for all.

By focusing on understanding the problems of the previous mobile app with user-centricity at the core of all the design decisions on the project, it allowed us to create a customer-led and intuitive mobile experience that puts cryptocurrency in the hands of almost 500,000 customers and counting. Designed to cater for a global audience, this new finance platform consisted of a fresh, redeveloped website and marketing campaigns along with a suite of digital products including iOS and Android apps.

Project outcomes


Increase in organic traffic to the new Coinjar website


Increase in sign-up conversions via the new mobile app


Decrease in bounce rate for the new website homepage

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