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Unveiling the Thruxton Final Edition to celebrate the final production run of this motorcycling icon.

The Triumph Thruxton has a special place in the hearts of many motorcycle enthusiasts. Reborn and refined since 2016, the final edition pays homage to the original model from 1964. To celebrate the final run of this icon, I led the design of a promotional website aimed at emphasising the legendary status of this motorcycle. By focusing on the details and beauty of the final edition, we wanted to showcase the exclusive opportunity available for everyone to own a piece of motorcycling history.

The original Triumph Thruxton racer played a major part in early motorsport which needed to be celebrated in contrast to the updated features of the final edition.

The Thruxton Final Edition marks the end of a British legend and to celebrate this icon of the motorcycling world, we needed emphasise the hand-finished beauty and high-spec of this model while telling the story of the motorcycle which began in 1964. Using strong historical images and rich visuals, we were able to transition seamlessly into content focused on the final edition Thruxton.

By offering users the ability to explore the details and features of the Thruxton, it allowed us to tie in important aspects of the motorcycles heritage with the current final edition model. Through the use of rich content components such as interactive videos and animated explainers, we were able to cater the content for motorcycle enthusiasts who were considering purchasing the bike.

Understanding the demographic that would buy this motorcycle was key to the success of this project.

We saw an opportunity for true storytelling with the Triumph Thruxton and by using rich, interactive content we were able to tap into the core audience of motorcycle enthusiasts and collectors to engage with them on multiple levels. After the launch, we tracked visitors through to the main site and noticed that session duration had increased by 73% with sales enquiries up by 34% across the Triumph range which was a huge improvement over the previous incarnation of the website.

Project outcomes


Increase in session duration across the entire website


Increase in sales enquiries across the entire product range


Decrease in bounce rate versus previous website homepage

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