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Taking the online dating experience in a fresh yet familiar direction. Connect, chat and create great dates.

The dating app market is getting increasingly overcrowded and it’s becoming harder for people to cut through the noise and connect with like-minded people. Utilising consumer research we conducted of the dating landscape, I led the design of a mobile app aimed at removing the complications around where to go for a date. By making it easy for users to discover some of the best date spots and access exclusive deals, we removed the hassle of that decision and allowed users to focus on each other.

A dating app that encourages actually meeting up. Less messaging, more meeting – get off your phone & get out there. Whether it’s a first date or dates with mates. 

Doing fun things together in the real world is the best way to get to know someone. Our consumer research uncovered that a large majority of people were tired of the endless messaging on dating apps that usually ended in disappointment. Requiring minimal effort in planning a date and getting off their phone to go and meet someone was important for our audience.

Further to this, if a match on dating app eventuated in an actual date, it often led to a lot of anxiety for the persons involved around planning where to meet whether it be a bar, restaurant or deciding on a fun activity to do. Key takeaways from our data made us realise we needed to focus on removing these pain points for users to allow them to be less anxious about the dating process.

Encouraging people to get off their phone and go meet someone, forging real connections in the real world.

From leading the early exploration and research with the creation of customer personas and journeys through to prototyping and visual design, we delivered a fresh take on dating apps that was designed to complement the idea that the dating experience should be hassle-free and our app can help anyone through that journey. With curated lists of the best date spots & activities near you, this app makes it easy to get out there and meet someone.

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